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Our goal is to make this directory as simple to navigate and utilize as possible.

If you have any questions that are not addressed in the 'FAQ' tab, please feel free to Contact Us.


You can click on each question to see the answer.

How do I use the FAQ?

The FAQ is a list of 'Frequently Asked Question'.

By clicking on the question header, the portion of the web page containing the answer will be shown.

I signed up, what now?

Login boxOnce you have signed up and verified your email address by clicking on the link in the email that the server sent you it's time to start creating profiles.

First log in to your account.

Fill in your username and password and click the login button.


An admin panel with useful links will appear below the header

  • Change Password - use this to change your password, if you forgot your password it must be reset.
  • Create Profile - click on this link to create your own profile.

The login panel will also change once you have logged in and it provides links that are similar to the admin panel.

How do I add pictures to my profile?

How to add pictures

Pictures can only be added after you create a profile, not while you are creating the profile. To add pictures to the profile you need to edit the profile.

Click on the link that says Edit

You can edit any information int the form that appears, but for the purpose of adding pictures choose the link at the very top.

Choose the link at the very top

This will open up a dialog to upload images.

Note:You do not have to click save in the update profile form if you are just uploading pictures but you will have to save it for all other edits.

the upload image dialog

  1. You can either click on the 'Upload a file' button or drag an image onto the button.
  2. Add a caption (optional but it really helps to have one )
  3. Add a photo credit (or a location etc.)
  4. Click create

Make sure that you wait for the image to upload completely.

You can upload images up to 4MB and they must be jpg format.

Once you upload each image an click 'Create' you will be returned to the profile update page.

profile update screen

What are the numbered circles on the map?

This is a map feature called clustering.  When numerous markers appear on the map and they are too close together they are clustered. Click on the circle and you will zoom in to see individual markers.

Try it out!

I created an account, why doesn't my info show up?

Creating an account is just the first step to advertising your services in the directory. Your information won't show up on the site until you have created a profile and specified which services you offer, and where. To do this, just follow the steps in the 'Help' section under 'Contractors'.

Can I make changes to my profile after I sign up?

Yes, you can update any part of your profile at any time.